Hefeweizen Title

Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen is a true, unfiltered, Bavarian-style wheat (Weizen) beer with the yeast (Hefe) still present. It is brewed with 65% malted wheat and 35% malted barley. Our Hefeweizen is very effervescent with a higher level of natural carbonation - 20% higher than other craft-brewed wheat beers. A special top fermenting yeast strain is used to ferment this beer producing flavors hinting of citrus, banana, bubble gum and clove, which are all naturally produced by the yeast. In Bavaria, this beer is traditionally consumed Sunday morning after church (and sometimes before as well as during) alongside Weisswurst (white veal sausages) and freshly baked Brez'n (pretzels).

Alcohol Volume:   5.5%      Bitterness:   12 IBU     Residual Sugar:   2.7%
Yeast Strain:   Weihenstephan 68     Hops:   Hallertau aroma

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