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1) How long does it take to brew our beer?

From start to finish it takes four to six weeks to complete the entire brewing process.

2) Where does our yeast come from?

It comes from Weihenstephan, Germany.

3) Where do the tanks come from?

Our brewing equipment is made in Germany.

4) Is the water filtered?

Yes, we have a complete purification system in our breweries and communities where necessary.

5) What other beers do you bottle?

We bottle our Märzen, Czech Style Pilsner, Blonde Bock, Hefeweizen, WinterBock, Maibock, SommerBrau and FestBier.

6) Can I get a keg of Schwarzbier?

Schwarzbier is only served at the Gordon Biersch restaurant locations and is not available for purchase in bottles or kegs. For more information on Schwarzbier contact the restaurant at:

7) What is the alcohol content of your beers?

Märzen: 5.8% by volume.
Czech Style Pilsner: 5.3% by volume.
Blonde Bock: 7.1% by volume.
Hefeweizen: 5.5% by volume.
WinterBock: 7.5% by volume.
Maibock: 7.3% by volume.
SommerBrau: 4.8% by volume.
FestBier: 5.6% by volume.

8) Do you have a fruit or honey beer?

NO! Due to German Purity Laws we cannot brew using fruit or cereals.

9) What do you use to make the beer?

Malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

10) Do you have an Amber?

We have Märzen which is auburn in color and smooth. Amber is usually a term to describe ales.

11) What is a lager?

Beer that is bottom fermented and aged for 4-5 weeks. Lager is the German word for storing.

12) What is the calorie content of the beers?

Märzen: 174 calories.
Czech Style Pilsner: 154 calories.
Blonde Bock: 208 calories.
Hefeweizen: 164 calories.
WinterBock: 234 calories.
Maibock: 213 calories.
SommerBrau: 140 calories.
FestBier: 164 calories.

13) What does prost mean?

"Cheers" in German.

14) Can you ship beer to my house?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship beer to anyone's house. In order to buy our beer you must be located in an area that we distribute our beer.

15) Are you distributed in my area?

We are distributed in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC.

16) Do you offer tours?

We do offer tours of our state of the art brewery and bottling facility in San Jose, California. Tours are available by appointment only, Monday through Thursday, so please email us at: For tours of specific brewery restaurants you will need to contact them directly.

17) Can I order Garlic Fries? Where can I get them?

You are unable to order Garlic Fries for home consumption. They are only available at our many concession locations. Please check out the Garlic Fries section of our site for a complete list of venues.
Dean Biersch at the plant.
For questions about the restaurants email: