Blonde Bock Title

Blonde Bock Bock beers are represented by a male goat, which in German lore symbolizes strength and virility. In accordance with the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516), bock beers must have a pre-fermentation malt sugar concentration of 16%, which converts over to at least 7% alcohol after fermentation. These strong beers were made popular in the early 1600's by monks in order to minimize their hunger during fasting periods. While most bocks are dark, Blonde Bock is golden-colored and malty with a rich, creamy head. The rich flavor is counterbalanced with just the right level of bitterness from the Hallertau aroma hops and create a very smooth profile.

Alcohol Volume:   7%      Bitterness:   23 IBU     Residual Sugar:   3%
Yeast Strain:   Weihenstephan 34/70     Hops:   Hallertau aroma

Blondebock Recipes